Jim Morrison The Doors History of 1967 9783848211487, Heinz Gerstenmeyer

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Heinz Gerstenmeyer Jim Morrison, The Doors. The History of The Doors 1967 Many books have been written about The Doors and Jim Morrison. Sadly, most of these books are either highly colored by the mostly negative opinions of the authors, lack a great deal of knowledge, or want to keep certain legends about Jim Morrison alive. This book brings back the excitement and the magic The Doors once radiated and which made them into America'
s number one band of the late 1960'
s. Includes a detailed chronology, reviews of almost every of the 220 Doors concerts, and all interviews The Doors gave in the hottest year of their career. 244 pages. 43 color and 170 black & white illustrations. Also available: The History of The Doors 1965-1966

ISBN: 9783848211487
Штрих-код: 9783848211487
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Автор: Heinz Gerstenmeyer
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